Puzles de paleografía (documentos procedentes del Mss. Zozaya)*.

Play palaeography puzzles! (archival documents from Zozaya Manuscript)*.

Puzle 0.5:
preview12 piecepuzle para paleógrafos 0.5

Puzle 1:
preview9 piecePuzle paleográfico I

Puzzle 2:
preview20 piecePalaeographical puzzle

Puzle nivel 2’5:
preview12 pieceZozaya.palaeography
Puzle 3:

preview40 piecePalaeography puzzle 3

Puzzle nivel 3.5:
preview16 piecePalaeography puzzle 3.5

Puzle 4.5:

preview21 piecePalaeography Puzzle 4.5
Puzle 5

preview35 piecePalaeography Puzzle 5

Puzle 5.5:
preview20 piecePuzle Paleográfico 5.5
Puzle de paleografía 6:
preview24 pieceZozaya.juego.6

Puzle 7
preview20 piecePuzzle for palaeographers 6.5
Puzle 8:
preview24 piecePuzle Paleográfico 8


Puzle 9:
preview24 piecePaleografia.leonor.zozaya

Puzle 9.5:
preview30 piecePalaeography Puzzle 9

Puzle de paleografía 10
preview56 piecePuzle de paleografía


* Inspired on the puzzle shared by MitchFraas on the tweet quoted below:

*Inspirados en puzle compartido por MitchFraas en el tuit siguiente:

@MitchFraas: “Jigsaw puzzle of one of our oldest manuscripts @upennlib – from @leoba & @SIMS_Mss !https://t.co/Vk2CftrujI” (twitter, 12/VIII/2016)